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Oh, hello there!

Children’s Books Illustrator, Fulltime Cloud Watcher

My name is Jennifer and I am freelance illustrator based in Japan. Currently, I am teaching English at local preschool and my love for pictures books was revived throughout my 5 years teaching here. I love reading with my students at our little “English Corner” in the school library and during classes.

Growing up, my siblings and I would spend hours doodling on our sketch book (or anything we can put our hands on really) since we love to watch cartoons and read manga at the time. In high school, I took Arts & Design specialisation and introduced to different art mediums. I still actively learning and happy to be surrounded by inspiring community as an SCBWI member.

When I’m not illustrating, you might find me watching the cloud from the balcony, reading one of Agatha Christie’s novels (again) with a warm cup of tea or trying new recipes.

Awards & Recognitions:

2021 Scholastic’s Art Mentorship Program with Doan Buu, Senior        

          Designer (Cartwheel/Orchard)

2021 #PBChat Mentorship Finalist

2021 Litara Foundation’s Booklab Illustrator Finalist

For publishing inquiries, please contact my agent James McGowan at BookEnds Literary

For all other inquiries, hellos, please write to


I look forward to connecting with you!

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