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HELLO Friends!

It’s September and somehow the month starts with heavy downpour all week long. I’ll be honest, I struggled at maintaining a steady pace when it comes to blog post and just popping in and out of social media. I’ve been feeling stretched thin and vulnerable - I guess these are the after effects from what I consider to be the most intense Summer to date! It’s like the past 2 years have all led to these two months. I tried to be socially proactive (whilst following the COVID19 regulations) on top of my 9-5 teaching job, freelance projects, volunteer work with Tokyo Olympic 2020, making sure I throw my compostable rubbish every Thursday and plastic waste every other week AND survive this crazy Summer heat.

After experiencing an upswing of social energy all throughout Summer, I feel that many times I make art as a means for connection but creating alone, nose stuck to the screen, can feel like the antipode of social connection. The remoteness of making art for a living can be rather harsh - I’m talking about living in THIS ART BUBBLE, where you don’t come out to eat or wash your clothes or do anything that makes you feel like a human being. Ultimately, there still a lot of things I need to work on perfecting the recipe to be the perfect human (yet, who is actually perfect, huh).

I believe that I’m getting better at my own pace and above everything I should feel grateful that I got to experience such memorable Summer. Throughout my volunteering period, I was able to finish a couple illustrations inspired from the Olympic games I was able to view that somehow felt relatable with games I used to play as a kid with neighbour friends whenever we are on Summer Holiday. Thus, I created a theme called #NeighbourhoodOlympics on Instagram.

Moreover, this month I‘m eager to put my attention more toward finishing my portfolio, completing my art mentorship program with the Scholastic team and picking up my art account wherever I left it before. I hope y’all have the best start of the month and stay safe. I’ll be back soon to share exciting updates and hopefully, new projects! Toodles~


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